Send us your connections and we will give you 15% of each sale


  1. Join the team. Sign up to be part of the referral program (1 min).
  2. Send us leads. Direct anyone who might be interested in a logo design and animation to ShivNarayan Animation
  3. You get paid. We’ll give you 15% commission of the full initial price they agree to.


This is the commission based on the first initial package chosen by the client. This doesn’t include the percentage for any add ons purchased or upgrades of any kind that happen in the future.

Logo Animation Packages:

  • Standard::$38
  • Premium:: $75
  • Exclusive:: $150
  • Hollywood:: $225

Logo Design Packages:

  • Premium:: $150
  • Branding:: $300

YouTube Packages:

  • Standard: $150
  • Premium: $300


Here are some ideas on how you can refer. At the very least we need to know that you referred the client before we begin the project.

  1. Share some simple text like this: “Did you know that you can have your logo animated? Check it out at ShivNarayan Animation Studio, and please let them know I sent you.”
  2. You could also do the above while utilizing this easy to understand logo animation videos.
  3. You can go above and beyond and connect with the client and walk them through the idea of getting a logo animation and introducing them to our contact mail:

Note: In order to guarantee that we know you referred the client option 3 is your best bet. We cannot guarantee a 15% payment if it wasn’t communicated up front by you or the client.


Once a successful referral happens we will contact you and let you know. We will then process the payment with a cheque/PayPal or Paytm(India only) made out to you with the information provided at sign up. That’s it!

Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a great partnership between us. For those of you with connections to people interested in this service, this could be an easy avenue for new income. Most people are blown away that they can have an awesome logo animation for their very own company. They just aren’t aware a service like this exists. Once you sign up, we would love to connect (if we haven’t already) and give you any resources or answers you need.

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